Have you had pelvic physical therapy within the last five years? Or are you a pelvic physical therapist yourself?

Bex is now recruiting interview participants for their dissertation research!

I am currently recruiting people of all genders and pelvic anatomies for an interview study about experiences with pelvic floor physical therapy. Fill out this screener https://forms.gle/j7g1z8TFT1Jr7oFE9 to help me determine if you are eligible. Thank you!

Bex MacFife (she & they, interchangeably) is a white non-binary PhD Candidate at the University of Oregon.

Originally from the Bay Area, she has spent many years in various iterations of "sex educator," instructing audiences that range from 4th grade all the way through to graduate school and professional trainings. After earning her MA in Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University, Bex entered the sociology doctoral program at University of Oregon, where she is now working with Drs. CJ Pascoe, Krystale Littlejohn, and Zachary DuBois.

Her research interests include queer and trans health and medical sociology; she now studies the line between professional competence and vulnerable embodiment, social constructions of genitals, and the radical potential of queering medical education. Initially inspired by their own work in the role, Bex has published on the pedagogical activism enacted by queer and allied Gynecological Teaching Associates (GTAs, or educators who teach pelvic and breast exams within medical schools by acting simultaneously as instructors and models in small group sessions.)

Additionally, they are a team member with the “Trans Resilience and Health in Sociopolitical Contexts Study” (transresiliencestudy.com), a longitudinal multi-method and interdisciplinary project which captured the experiences of trans people in four separate states over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 election cycle.

Outside of academia, they enjoy being upside down and foraging for mushrooms.

Twitter: @bex_education

University Webpage: sociology.uoregon.edu/profile/bexm/

CV (pdf)